Dental industry insiders have called dental implants one of the most important advances ever witnessed in dental science. Such implants can actually allow you to completely reverse the effects of tooth loss caused by decay or gum disease by promoting the growth of new, healthy bone in your mouth and jaw. Millions have already enjoyed the improved health and added confidence that dental implants offer; why shouldn’t you be next?


Well, for starters, you may need a preliminary procedure. In order for your implant placement to be a success, your gums must be in prime condition to receive them. That requires them to be healthy and relatively disease-free. Thus, before determining your candidacy for dental implants, Dr. Cavallari must first help you in treating your periodontal disease.


Preventing the Spread and Recurrence of Gum Disease

Preparing you for implants first requires an assessment of your gums. Gum pockets indicate spaces between your teeth and gum tissue in which disease make take hold. Pockets greater than four millimeters in size are often a telltale sign of periodontal disease. Once it’s been identified, Dr. Cavallari can often remove the diseased tissue via a deep cleaning using ultrasonic scaling devices that get the job done without damaging your surrounding healthy gums.

Yet ever after your treatment, you may not be out of the woods just yet. Gum disease can easily reoccur if you do not make the changes needed to your daily dental regimen in order to prevent it. These include:

  • Brushing and flossing after every meal (not just twice daily) 
  • Rinsing your mouth after drinking acidic or sugary beverages
  • Routinely using an antiseptic mouthwash


Developing these patterns now will not only keep periodontal disease at bay, but it will also support the success of your dental implants over the long-term.


It is possible to enjoy your healthy smile that periodontal disease has stolen. Yet before that can happen, you must tackle the condition. Dr. Cavallari and the rest of our staff here at Tidewater Laser Perio & Implants . To schedule a consultation appointment, give us a call today.