When you let your periodontal disease continue without the proper treatment, then you have a high risk of needing dental implants. This is because the degradation of your gums increases the chance of losing your teeth. Luckily, Dr. Kenneth Cavallari at Tidewater Laser Perio &

 Implants is here to help with periodontal care to prevent the requirement of implants or to provide implants in the case you do need a permanent tooth replacement.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is the term used for anytime you have tissue inflammation in your gums due to infectious bacteria. In the early stages, this is known as gingivitis. It is common for periodontal disease to begin with hardened plaque, known as tartar. This is what a professional dental cleaning removes. When it builds up over time, it is possible for the bacteria in the tartar to get into your gums, leading to an infection.

Why Does It Cause Tooth Loss?

When left untreated, the inflammation in the gums caused by the infection contributes to the gums separating from the teeth. This creates spaces in your mouth, and the infection only gets worse. Over time, the immune response combined with the bacteria leads to deterioration of the bone and connective tissue. This results in a loose tooth that requires extraction, or it might fall out on its own. Periodontal disease does not just target one part of your mouth; it will progress throughout your mouth, causing several teeth to fall out if it continues to be left untreated. Upon the loss of a tooth, many people choose dental implants as a way to preserve the jaw line and maintain their smile.

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